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0981/10 Premium Metal G9 Brass and Glass Modern Chandelier

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Brand Gloss (Ashoka Lites)
Model No: 0981/10
Style Chandeliers
Number of Items 1
Material Metal + White Ball
Body Color Brass + Glass
Light Color G9 Holder Bulb Excluded


About This Items

  • Introducing the 0981/10 Premium Metal White Ball Chandelier by Gloss (Ashoka Lites), a stunning and modern lighting fixture that combines elegance and sophistication to enhance any space it adorns. This chandelier boasts a unique design that perfectly blends contemporary elements with classic charm, making it a versatile addition to various settings such as home decor, living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, clubs, restaurants, kitchens, dining rooms, and more.
  • Unique Design: The 0981/10 chandelier stands out with its exceptional design, boasting an exquisite arrangement of White Glass spheres, reminiscent of delicate floating bubbles, artfully positioned amidst the sleek Black Brass frame. This combination of materials and design elements creates a mesmerizing visual display, capturing the attention of anyone who enters the room. The chandelier's unique blend of contemporary and classic aesthetics makes it an exceptional focal point that complements various interior styles, from modern to traditional.
  • Best Price: Despite its premium construction and sophisticated design, the 0981/10 Premium Metal White Ball Chandelier is offered at an affordable and competitive price, ensuring you get the best value for your money without compromising on style or quality.
  • Ideal Applications: The chandelier's versatility allows it to find its place in numerous settings, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Its warm and inviting glow makes it ideal for creating a cozy ambiance in living rooms and bedrooms. Simultaneously, the elegant design adds a touch of luxury to dining rooms and kitchens, making every meal a delightful experience. Moreover, its upscale appearance suits high-end establishments such as hotels, clubs, and restaurants, where it can serve as a captivating centerpiece, elevating the overall atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on guests.
  • In conclusion, the 0981/10 Premium Metal White Ball Chandelier by Gloss (Ashoka Lites) is a remarkable lighting fixture that effortlessly merges beauty and functionality. With its superior craftsmanship, unique design, and compatibility with G9 Holder Bulbs, it offers a customizable lighting experience suitable for various spaces and occasions. Whether you seek to elevate your home's interior or enhance the ambiance of a commercial establishment, this chandelier promises to be an elegant and enduring addition that surpasses expectations.

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0981/10 Premium Metal G9 Brass and Glass Modern Chandelier
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