AM077-20L Premium Design Iron Frosted Glass Chandelier – Ashoka Lites

AM077-20L Premium Design Iron Frosted Glass Chandelier

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 Brand Gloss (Ashoka Lites)
Model No: AM077-20L
Dimension L1200*W300
Style Chandeliers
Number of Items 1
Material Iron+Frosted Glass
Body Color French Gold+Clear
Light Color In Built LED 3 IN 1


About this item

  • Introducing the epitome of elegance and illumination, the Gloss (Ashoka Lites) Chandelier in the AM077-20L model is a masterpiece that effortlessly combines stunning design with cutting-edge lighting technology. This chandelier is meticulously crafted to elevate the ambiance of any space it graces, whether it's a dining area, drawing room, lobby, bedroom, or showroom. With its exquisite blend of materials, intricate detailing, and state-of-the-art LED lighting, the Gloss Chandelier is more than just a light fixture; it's a statement of refined taste and sophistication.
  • The Gloss (Ashoka Lites) Chandelier AM077-20L stands as a testament to artistic ingenuity. Its carefully designed silhouette seamlessly combines iron and frosted glass, resulting in an eye-catching play of materials. The French Gold finish on the iron frame exudes opulence, perfectly complemented by the clear accents that add a touch of modernity to the traditional chandelier design. The intricate detailing on the iron frame evokes a sense of timeless grandeur, making it an ideal addition to both classic and contemporary interiors.
  • The heart of the Gloss Chandelier lies in its cutting-edge LED lighting technology. The in-built LED system offers a remarkable 3-in-1 lighting solution. You can easily switch between Warm White and Cool White lighting options to set the perfect mood for any occasion. Additionally, the dimmable feature allows you to control the intensity of the light, from subtle background illumination to brilliant focal point lighting. This versatility ensures that the Gloss Chandelier adapts to your lighting preferences with ease.
  • The Gloss (Ashoka Lites) Chandelier AM077-20L presents an exceptional blend of high-quality craftsmanship, innovative lighting, and an alluring design, all at an affordable price point. This makes it a remarkable value proposition for individuals seeking to elevate their living spaces without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. With the Gloss Chandelier, you not only have a remarkable lighting fixture but also a piece of art that enhances the beauty of your space.
  • The versatile nature of the Gloss Chandelier ensures that it's suitable for a wide range of environments. It's perfect for:
  • In conclusion, the Gloss (Ashoka Lites) Chandelier AM077-20L is an embodiment of refined elegance, intelligent lighting, and exceptional value. Its unique design, LED innovation, and versatile suitability across various spaces make it a must-have lighting fixture for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Experience the perfect amalgamation of artistry and technology with the Gloss Chandelier, available now to transform your space into a realm of luminous sophistication.
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AM077-20L Premium Design Iron Frosted Glass Chandelier
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