DN1740-18 Premium Unique Design 18L Iron Frosted Glass Chandelier – Ashoka Lites

DN1740-18 Premium Unique Design 18L Iron Frosted Glass Chandelier

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 Brand Gloss (Ashoka Lites)
Model No: DN1740-18
Dimension D850mm
Style Chandeliers
Number of Items 1
Material 18L Pendant lamp Iron+Frosted Glass
Body Color GD+Clear Frosted
Light Color In Built LED 3 IN 1


About this item

  • Introducing the Gloss (Ashoka Lites) DN1740-18 Chandelier – a masterpiece of modern lighting design that seamlessly blends aesthetics, functionality, and affordability. This exquisite chandelier is meticulously crafted to elevate the ambiance of any space it graces. Let's delve into the intricate details that make this chandelier a standout choice for your home or commercial space.
  • The Gloss DN1740-18 Chandelier exudes an aura of sophistication and elegance with its unique design. The combination of iron and frosted glass lends an air of timeless beauty to the chandelier. The golden body finish (GD) gracefully complements the clear frosted glass, creating a stunning interplay of light and texture. The chandelier's design seamlessly marries contemporary aesthetics with a touch of classic charm, making it a versatile addition to a variety of interior styles.
  • The Gloss DN1740-18 Chandelier offers an unparalleled blend of quality and affordability. Designed with careful attention to detail and constructed using premium materials, this chandelier ensures long-lasting performance while remaining budget-friendly. The investment you make in this chandelier translates into exceptional value as it enhances the visual appeal and atmosphere of your living spaces.
  • This chandelier is designed to illuminate and enhance a variety of spaces, making it an ideal choice for a range of applications:
  • The Gloss DN1740-18 Chandelier is equipped with an in-built LED lighting system that offers three light color options in a single fixture. This versatile feature allows you to tailor the lighting to different moods and occasions, ranging from warm and cozy to cool and vibrant, all at your fingertips.
  • Elevate your space with the Gloss (Ashoka Lites) DN1740-18 Chandelier. Its exceptional design, versatile applications, and cost-effective pricing make it a premier choice for those seeking sophistication, functionality, and value in their lighting solutions.

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DN1740-18 Premium Unique Design 18L Iron Frosted Glass Chandelier
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