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Discover India's Finest Pendant Lights at Ashoka Lites. Enhance the ambiance, elevate the mood, and make a statement with our best-selling pendant lights. Welcome home the epitome of luxury and style, courtesy of The Ashoka Lites Company. Your dream decor is just a light switch away!  Unparalleled Designs. Exceptional Quality. Extensive Selection. Visit Our Lavish Showrooms. Tailored In-Store Tours Await You.

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  • Ashoka lites is the best dealer for Hanging Lights, Home Décor, Office Lights, Fancy Lights, and Chandeliers, having their showroom in Jaipur. I am a regular buyer and get best services all time.

    - Rajat GÜRÜ

  • Very competitive prices. A large collection of hanging, wall mounted lights to select from. Original products.

    - Ankit Jain

  • Amazing collection of lights for every budget. Mind blowing designs. Friendly staff. Value for money.

    - Vikram Jain

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