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7 Common Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them - Ashoka Lites

Lighting plays a pivotal role in interior design, yet it is often misunderstood. It can either make or break your decor, and meticulous attention to detail is essential in this domain. Achieving a perfectly illuminated space requires careful planning, and even the slightest errors can mar the aesthetics of your home.

Here are seven common lighting mistakes that homeowners should avoid, along with practical solutions to rectify them:

  1. The wall paint color is not complementary to the fixture -
    • Mistake - If you find that various lighting fixtures in a room do not provide the ideal illumination, consider the color of your wall paint. Painted color and lighting fixture hues can have distinct effects. Lighter wall hues typically complement brighter fixtures better. 
    • Solution - Ensure your wall paint complements your lighting fixture. Lighter wall colors work well with brighter fixtures, creating a harmonious ambiance. 
    1. Not Using Energy-Saving Light Bulbs -
      • Mistake - Modern LED light bulbs offer a wider variety of light options, including warm and cold colors. They operate on a broader temperature scale, allowing for better lighting customization. 
      • Solution - Embrace energy-efficient LED bulbs to achieve a range of warm and cold lighting options while saving on energy costs. 
      1. Setting Up an Inadequately Scaled Lighting Plan.
        • Mistake - Relying solely on visual estimation to measure space can lead to lighting design mistakes. To ensure your lighting designs are proportionate, measure your entire space. Aim for the diameter of your lighting fixtures to be around 10% of the room's overall diameter. 
        • Solution - Take precise measurements of your space to determine the appropriate fixture size and placement. 
      1. Setting Up Just One Light Fixture.
        • Mistake - A common mistake is relying on a single lighting fixture in a room, leading to one-dimensional decor. 
        • Solution - Embrace layered lighting, which includes ambient, task, and accent lighting. Complement statement lighting with other fixtures to create both functionality and visual appeal. 
      1. Architectural lighting fixtures are being overused -
        • Mistake - Overusing architectural lighting, such as downlights, can lead to a harsh, unattractive ambiance and excessive heat in your space. 
        • Solution - Avoid saturating your ceilings with downlights. Space them properly to prevent shadows and heat buildup. Use downlights in rooms with false ceilings. 
      1. Employing Incorrect Color Temperature -
        • Mistake - Understanding color temperature and its impact on the atmosphere is crucial. Test distinct color temperatures to determine the best fit for your preferences and the room's purpose. 
        • Solution - Experiment with warm and cool lighting to create the desired atmosphere for different areas of your home. 
      1. No lighting that can be dimmed or dimmed -
        • Mistake - Incorporate dimmable lighting designs or install dimmer devices to personalize the lighting according to your needs. Dimmable lighting adds versatility and functionality to your space. 
        • Solution - Install dimmers or choose dimmable lighting fixtures to adapt the lighting to various occasions and moods. 

      When it comes to lighting, most of us make extremely typical blunders that negatively impact the aesthetics of our stunning homes. It takes more than just putting in a few lights in a room and calling it good. Considering all the minute details, creating a well-lit décor requires a great deal of care and preparation. Achieving a lighting arrangement that is both aesthetically beautiful and useful is difficult. 

      If you do not allow lighting to do its magic in your living area, all the minor tweaks you make could be for nothing. Lighting should have a specific purpose in design, just like every other element. Otherwise, you could just throw things together. To help you create a peaceful and cozy living area, The Ashoka Lites Company has compiled a list of frequent mistakes that could potentially damage your decor and their cures. This is all the cheat sheet you will need to prevent making any mistakes when it comes to lighting design, whether you are designing a new home or giving your current décor a stunning makeover. 

      This information provides a good foundation for those looking to enhance their interior lighting design. Proper lighting can significantly impact the ambiance and functionality of a space, making it an important aspect of interior decor.